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Control Dog DeShedding

Dog DeShedding

Dog DeShedding occurs in nearly all breeds. It is a natural process of eliminating dead hair and allowing a new coat to come in.

Dog DeShedding occurs seasonally; fall and spring are peak times for DeShedding, but it can also occur year-round. Several larger dog breeds have double coats - a soft undercoat, and the outer and much thicker topcoat. These types of breeds can shed profusely and continuously.

Year-round dog DeShedding typically occurs with indoor dogs as they have a bit more insulation from extreme fluctuations in temperatures. With the artificial climate inside, their natural body regulation gets thrown off balance when they step outside and experience a sudden change in weather. Because this takes place every time they go in and out, their body does not get the opportunity to adjust, so they always seem to be DeShedding.

K9 Toronto's dog grooming treatment experts can help you deal with your dog's DeShedding, regardless of breed and no matter how much he she sheds. Grooming your dog regularly is crucial to reduce DeShedding. Regular brushing with a slicker brush is the best way to keep the loose hair from falling on the floor or your furniture. Once a week try to sit down and do a thorough brushing session. This would include taking the DeShedding comb and pulling it through the hair until it runs through smoothly. Alternatively, for the dog breeds with double coats, its best to use an undercoat rake to pull out the loose undercoat. A regular brushing schedule will help minimize DeShedding between professional grooms. Additionally, a good vacuum is a must-have; look for cyclonic (bagless) models that are specifically designed to pick up pet hair, and invest in a hand-held model to spot clean furniture your dog loves to lounge on.

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